The Ring

The Ring

The fighter’s eye twitches to a spacious box with red padded fabric foreshadowing on the future’s strengths. Three black ropes strung with tension and compassion enveloped the ring. Embellished by the flags of martial arts global culture. The ropes and flags encircle the ring, ready to provide a space foster, raise and nurture a fighter. With a step forward, the fighter ducks beneath the ropes and enters.

The ring is home to a variety of training methods: sparring, mitts, partner drills and shadow boxing. With every exhausted heaving breath, the body endures and conditions with cardio. With every impacted punch, the muscles contract, tear and strengthen. With every hit to the body, the body eagerly keeps the fists to the jawline, the elbows lock too the ribcage, and the defense fortifies. With every maneuver, the timing, the pacing quickens into a dance between the fighters. With every moment, the mind focuses and sharpens cognitive thought process. With every slip, training the instincts to act instead of reacting. The ring trains the body and the mind.

The ring is a different dimension from reality. Unlike solo training, the ring trains the primal instincts of aggression and survival. The ring trains the mind to persevere. The ring trains the body to endure. The ring trains the soul to fight.

Now inside the ring, the fighter steps toward the center. With elbows tucked and fists clenched at the jawline, his eyes peering over his knuckles, toward his opponent. Stretching and widening the muscles of his mouth, the edge’s of their mouth lift upwards into a broad grin. Let’s train.

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