The Basics of Boxing: Form

The Basics of Boxing: Form

Boxing is a relatively simple sport: don’t get hit. However, the complexity of the sport arises from the various techniques and skills applied to a fighter’s style. Today, we will focus on the basics of boxing: the form. The form of boxing symbolizes the strength and resilience of the fighter. The form of boxing optimizes the power and speed of the fighter. The form of boxing illustrates the decadent history of boxing. Now, let’s get talk the stance!

            The stance begins with your two feet shoulder-width apart. Now, step back with your dominant foot. If you are right-handed, right foot back, left foot front, and vice versa. Make sure to lift your back heel, this will optimize the rotation and torque of your punches, in turn increasing the power and speed. Also, make sure your weight is equally disrupted between your two feet.

            Now that your lower body is in position let’s focus on your upper body. First, tighten and flex your abdominal muscles. Imagine you are sewing your stomach to your spine. This will strengthen your core and support your balance as you move about. Next, close your hands into a solid fist. Your thumb should be on the exterior of your palm, tucked fingers. Move your fists to your chin and tuck your elbows beside your ribs. Your elbows will protect your abdominal region from punches during defense. While your hands are in the primary position for offense and defense. As you punch, make sure you extend your arm outwards in a horizontal movement, try not to bow at the elbow.

            This is the basic format of boxing. Next week we will discuss the punches.

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