The Bags

The Bags

On the outskirts of the gym are two rows of bags swinging in a pendulum motion. The bag outlines the silhouette of a human as it sashays left to right. Creaking, rattling, groaning the chains struggle against gravity’s claim on the bags. However, the chains maintain their grasp, clasping the wall and bag together. The leather bag, black as oil and as smooth as silk, waits for the hour training. Awaiting to train and improve its fighter.  

            Boxing bags are an essential component of . With every punch when bag and fist collide, the bones and ligaments strengthening. With every hip rotation and torso twist, the power and speed of punches improve. With every step, the pacing, rhythm, and timing quicken. With every movement, coordination, stamina and endurance increases. While the bag cannot hit back, it can optimize the technique and the flow of combos. The bags train the body.

            Physical improvements are not the benefits of training on the heavy bag. By releasing wrath on to the bag, one can reduce aggression. By releasing woes on to the bag, one can reduce anxiety and stress. By releasing chaos on to the bag, one can calm and focus their mind. With a positive mindset of love, motivation and gratitude, the skills gained through training can improve confidence, body image, self-esteem. The bags train the mind.

            The heavy bag workout is the essence of training. The heavy bags train mind and body simultaneously. However, the bags provide the opportunity to prepare for sparring and shadow boxing. There is a heavy bag with your name on it. Are you ready to train?

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