My Muay Thai

My Muay Thai

Coach Mamour and Coach Maz practicing Muay Thai

In 6 years of boxing, and 2 martial arts gyms, I have learned two truths; One, all disciplines provide a sense of community and respect; Two kickboxing is not for me. Kickboxing, the marriage of karate and boxing to form an art of kicking utilized for self-defense, fitness and combat sports. For me, I have not enough balance to maintain the aerial aim of high kicks nor the form to use them. So, when my gym family of Zenith Active became enthusiastic of Muay Thai, I hesitated to join in. However, through the merits of their passion, experience and peer pressure, I can share the same enthusiasm. 

Muay Thai, also known as Thai Boxing and the “art of eight limbs”, features punching, kicking, elbows, and knee techniques. There are variations of the discipline, Thai and Dutch, which focus on different aspects and positions. Most of the coaches – Mamour, Maz and Josh – are adept Muay Thai fighters with ring experience. These miraculous individuals illustrate the variability and adaptability of the discipline as it transcends its boundaries into other martial arts. 

For me, I prefer the Dutch style. Its stance and structure follows the flow of my boxing experience and allows me to build from it. Coach Maz has introduced the basics to me and while I have a lot to learn, I’m excited. Muay Thai, the middle ground between boxing and kickboxing, may be the ideal discipline for me to improve my own skills. At Zenith Active, I believe that I will gain these skills to improve myself and my passion for these physical arts. 

Want to learn Muay Thai? Zenith Active offers classes on Monday and Thursday at 7pm with Coach Mamour.

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