Mitt Work

Mitt Work

Zenith Active’s Can Do Man, Perry & Zenith Active member Nicole, practice the foundational boxing skills on the mitts.

With a one hundred- and eighty-degree rotation, pivoting on the fighter’s front foot, a thing–a hand–flies from behind their blind spot and hovers in the air. The fighter’s arm swoops with an elbow parallel to the floor, aiming for the hovering hand coated in leather. The hand catches the hook, greeting the impact with an appealing smack. The hand raises its hovering location, meet by another hook. With a rotating wrist, the hand prepares to catch the coming cross. The fighter slips outwards to repeat the combo adding a right uppercut, cross, hook, cross. The hand raises once more to acknowledge the fighter and their effort before choosing its next participant. 

Mitt work has an unparalleled importance in boxing. It ties the foundational skills learned on the heavy bag and transitioning into sparring preparations. With every block, slip, and roll, the body’s reflexes quicken. With every pivoting rotation, the nimble footwork becomes natural and the pace increases. With every impacted punch, from glove to mitt, the power becomes more controlled and strategized. With building anticipation, the soul learns the virtue of patience. With every second, the mind collects the puzzle pieces of the discipline, adding the movements into the body’s natural flow. With every moment, the eyes observe and absorb technique. With every session, the mitts marry human reflexes and boxing technique to improve the fighter’s skills. 

A gloved hand claps the fighter’s back. The sense of acknowledgment and approval tickles the fighter’s heart. Pride swells and frustration melts into a forgotten corner to wake later. The fighter’s eyes gleam gloriously with gaiety glances towards the ring. With their lips twitching upwards in a smirk, they set their sights on the spacious box, enveloped by three black ropes.  

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