To train or not train. To wake up and decide to sweat today. To wake up and decide to rest. However, the decision to rest, to endure, to sweat, to train, to go the extra mile is up to you.

In a day, you may choose to practice footwork. You may dance with your mirrored reflection, your feet whirling, your hands flying, your body rotating to the rhythm of the music reverberating in your soul. You may race across a ladder, your feet hopping out one square and into another. You may weave around a circle of cones, pouncing inwards and outwards like a hunting lioness. Today, you may choose footwork.

In a day, you may choose to practice endurance. You may run a mile more as your lungs scream in protest, your muscles cramping in resistance, your heart racing in opposition. You may endure the lashings of a jumping rope to feel your heart rate elevate with your increasing pace. You may train with resistance bands stretching and connecting your limbs together to cause your muscles to toil more with the simple tasks. Today, you may choose endurance.

In a day, you may choose to practice technique. You may spar against a friend without woe, dodging blows, throwing punches, dancing with aggressive intentions. You may roll and slip around a hanged roped on mimicking the horizon of a human’s height. You may train on the heavy bag to engage in movement, shuffling footwork, pivots, rotating punches, and blocks. Today, you may choose technique.

In a day, you may choose to rest. You may hit the snooze button. You may read a book and watch a movie. You may meditate and visualize your next training day. You may stretch and hydrate. Today, you may choose to rest.

To train or not to train. There are many choices in a day. What will you decide to do today?

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