Boxing Day Gratitude

Boxing Day Gratitude

While the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful with red and orange tongues dancing from its health. The fire embellishes the ornamental lights that dangle precariously from nails on the wall. The holiday decorations reflect the warmth within their surfaces, making the world inside so delightful. However, one decoration was particularly unusual in respect to the festive mood. The decoration – warn brown leather and off-white laces, and knuckle padding directed to the ground – hung from the ceiling like a mistletoe. It was a charming reminder of the leftover holiday: Boxing day.

            Every year on December 26, the day after Christmas is a holiday marked on our annual calendars: Boxing Day. While boxing day has no significant reference to the combat sport, it does signify the importance of thankfulness. The holiday references to holiday gifts, charity and nautical traditions of luck. So, very similar to the spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas, Boxing day is an opportunity for remembrance and reflection. Therefore, Zenith Active would like to celebrate the holiday by sharing its own sense of gratitude.

            We at Zenith Active would like to share our gratitude with our outstanding members, friends, and families who have supported our ambitions and efforts. Thank you for your own effort and passion for learning Boxing, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing. May your tidings be well and that you continue to have a wonderful holiday season.

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