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Muay Thai Gym In San Marcos

The Gym that you’ve always wanted. Boxing, Kickboxing, traditional Muay Thai and more. Great coaches and fantastic energy, you will feel at home.


At Zenith Active, we provide a new concept to help people get fit, lose weight and feel good about themselves exclusively in 1 hour, trainer-led sessions. 

We are excited to provide an option to people who want to achieve a higher level of fitness.  We offer something different, and something that works. We offer all the benefits of training for a boxing or Muay Thai match, without the physical combat. 


Benefits of Cardio Boxing and Muay Thai 


Boxing and Muay Thai workouts are one of the best ways to reduce body fat and look much more toned and defined. They are also great ways to increase your overall fitness – Cardiovascular, Strength, Aerobic and Anaerobic…FAST! 

Aside from increased energy levels, losing weight around the stomach area is also evident. Improvements in lung capacity and being able to train harder and last longer during sessions are also key benefits. After three or four sessions, you will notice how quickly your endurance improves as well as changes in your body shape. This is because Muay Thai and boxing works out ALL of your muscle groups. 

In addition to the fitness, fat loss and muscle tone benefits mentioned above, there are also many mental benefits that are equally as important. 

Boxing and Muay Thai help build and boost your self-confidence through the self defensetechniques and combinations learnt during the sessions. It’s important for both men and women to feel like they have some idea of how to deal with conflict and confrontation and develop the confidence to protect themselves. Also, research shows that people who box and Muay Thai regularly are happier as they are relieving tension and stress – a tool used to de-stress and release anger and negative emotions. 


Products and Services 


Zenith Active offers total health and fitness for the members. With a membership to the club, the individual will have full access to and enjoys the following: 

  • Club facility 
  • Cardio Equipment 
  • Weight lifting station
  • 1-hour trainer led sessions 
  • Personal training sessions 
  • Small group classes 
  • Corporate classes  
  • Kids classes


San Marcos, California